Oh warm weather, we missed you!

Summer. Oh it is right around the corner.  Ready for some days outside and the sun in our face.  Well with us being outside that also means you pet is outside too.  So what are some things to consider and prepare for in these summer months to come? Here are my top 5.

  1. Flea/ tick prevention- While I believe pets should be on prevention all year long, if your pet is not- time to put them on it. Spring and summer are when ticks and fleas are the most active so protect your furry friend! Monitor what kind of product you are putting on your pet.  Some products wash off after a bath, some contain bad ingredients, some just do not work.  Some great brands- Vectra, Simparica, Nexgard, and Bravecto are some of my favorites and have a lot of research that they work!
  2. Heartworm prevention- just like the fleas and ticks, mosquitoes are going to be coming out too. I just saw one the other day… :/. Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes, so again your pet should be on it year round, so if not get them on it! You will need to test your pet prior to starting the medication, if they are positive the monthly preventative could negatively affect them.  The other great thing about heartworm prevention- it helps to also fight against internal parasites.  A great one I recommend is Interceptor plus.
  3. Exercise- so just like humans, animals can also gain their winter weight. Now is the time to start getting your pet outside- run around, go for walks, have play dates- whatever you can to help keep their body in shape.
  4. Watch them on hot days- When temperatures start to rise, it is important to monitor your pet when they are outside.  A heat stroke can happen in pets.  The hard part with pets is they often push themselves and you will not know there is a problem until it is a serious problem.  So be aware of the outside temperatures and how long your pet has been outside.  Make sure they have access to plenty of water but also make sure they take breaks.  A heat stroke is a medical emergency and prevention is key.
  5. Bond with your pet- the summer months are a great time to bond with your pet. Going for walks, taking them with you to visit places, having play dates with other dogs- all of these are ways to bond with your pet.  We all get sad in the winter months when it is dark, gloomy, and cold so our interaction with out pet may involve more cuddles on the couch. While cuddling is great, having activities with your pet outside of the home with only make your relationship stronger.

Now go enjoy the beautiful weather to come!

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